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Whether you need a pool or a new pool liner, our pool company is here for you. Our owner, Steve Schembri, measures all of our inground liners.

These are custom measured to fit your pool. All liner replacement prices include:
  • Existing Liner Extractions
  • Pump Downs
  • Measurements
  • Minor Touchups
  • Gasket and Faceplate Replacements
  • Skimmer and Gasket Services
  • Vermiculite Bottom Care
  • Returns and Bottom Drain Work
  • Plastic Light Ring Care
Pool Inspections
Don't let pool damage keep you from enjoying the water. Let our service professionals inspect your pool. They will find all types of obvious damage as well as hidden damage.
Damaged Walls
When your pool walls are oxidized, rusted, or pitted, our service will recommend a wall foam protective padding. This padding will help protect your liner by stopping pinholes from occurring during the life of your liner.
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Our Warranty
The Schembri Pools Warranty is good for as much as one year from the installation date. During this time, if any seam separation occurs, the liner and labor is covered. To complement this, all of our inground liners come with a 20-year prorated manufacturer's warranty on seam separations.
No-Slip Steps
For safety, we mandate tread protection on vinyl liner steps. This increases safety and decreases possibility of slipping.
Antibacterial Liners
Additionally, all liners are treated with fungicide to protect against bacterial growth.
Aboveground Pools
Our same reliable pool service is available for aboveground pools. Moreover, our experts can build aboveground pools with our own quality custom pool kits.
They can also install pool lights, DE and sand filters, and automated chlorinator systems for aboveground pools. All of our installations are completed within 6 inches of level ground. We use a sod cutter for clean excavation.
PVC hard plumbing is available from the filter to pool.